Why is golf’s ‘golden decade’ in jeopardy?

The ‘goldens decade’ for golf is now officially over and the sport’s most successful year has seen it drop in terms of players and sponsorships.RTE Sport examines how the game has been impacted.RTA: A golden decade?

With just over 20 years of professional golf on the books, the sport is still reeling from a number of scandals.

One of the biggest was that of the scandal surrounding the golf club foot, which involved the use of fake signatures to sign golf clubs.

More recently, there have been reports of an increase in injuries to golfers, with a growing number of players reporting problems with their foot.

The number of golf clubs has fallen to just under 6,000, compared to nearly 20,000 in 2014.

However, it is not just players who are suffering from the drop in numbers.

The sport has also been affected by other problems, including a decline in revenue, and a fall in sponsorships and sponsorship deals.

In 2018, golf’s top five sponsors were the Golf & Tobacco Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Gatorade and the New York Mets.RWT: Golf’s top 50 golfers in 2018 article The list of the 50 golfing superstars is dominated by three of the sports most successful players, as well as a number who are not playing in the sport but still remain key figures in the business.

There are two names on that list: Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods Jr.

Both players have enjoyed the success of their careers in the past and the latter is set to retire this summer.

However, the former Tiger Woods has yet to take part in a golf tournament, despite the fact that he has been awarded the World Golf Championships in 2018.

This means that Woods Jr has yet another opportunity to play golf at the highest level, as the retired star has yet not been awarded a major tournament victory.

In 2016, Woods Jr had the opportunity to take on the World Champion, Jordan Spieth, in a six-hole playoff at Augusta National.

However it is a career that has been plagued by injuries, suspensions and financial problems, and is set for a major setback when he takes on the American Open this week.ROT: Golf in 2018 has seen the emergence of new starsThe sport has been witnessing the emergence in the last few years of some of the new stars of the game, including Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.

Both of them were the first to break through to the top of the rankings, and they have shown their quality as players by consistently winning major tournaments.

The top five golfers for 2018 are: Tiger, Woods, McIlroys, Johnson and McIlrry.

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