Why Dublin’s Mile High Club will go dark – The Irish News

It’s a night club where fans have a drink on the roof of a car, or even sit in the shade of a tree.

It’s also the venue for the annual Dublin Stomp.

It is a tradition that goes back a long way.

The club’s original owners, who are now known as the Mile High Clubs, first opened their doors in 1923, and they are known as “the most famous and best of all Irish pubs”.

But the club has since been run down and closed, having been hit by the housing crisis and a series of fires.

“We’ve got no money and no place to run,” said a member of the club’s board.

“It’s sad, it’s a sad day.”

“It would be like saying if you’re going to lose a fight, go for it.

It’s not going to happen,” added the man.

The Dublin Stomper is not just a nightlife event.

It is a social event for the community.

“I think that’s the most important thing we’ve got.

It makes it a much better community,” said the board member.”

Everybody’s getting a bit more connected.

It brings together a lot of people and it brings out their inner kids and it gives them a good time,” he said.

But the man’s concerns are not without merit.

“The whole community is kind of fed up with this,” he told the Irish News.

“People are just not feeling safe anymore.”

For years we’ve been dealing with this housing crisis.

“People are not sleeping well, people are not eating well, they are not taking their medication, they’re not getting the mental health care that they need, they don’t feel safe.”

A local councillor, who did not want to be named, said the club is not alone.

“They are the biggest draw to our community and it’s not something we can afford to lose,” he added.

The council has been approached for comment, but has yet to respond.

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