Which countries have the best beaches?

Beach clubs in the world can be very popular places for people from all walks of life to go, but what are the most popular clubs in your country?

We took a look at the latest stats on the beaches around the world and compiled a list of the top ten beaches for all types of people.

Read more: What to do in the UK before the sun sets for 2019Read more from Wired.com: Why you should get into the sun and why you shouldn’tIt’s not always a question of where you go, it’s about how you get there, says Nick Haldane, founder of the Beach Club Association, which is behind the Beach City survey.

“We look at beaches across the world as a way of looking at different cultures and different cultures come together, and they share some of the same values,” he says.

“So you have different types of parties, different types a different style of music and different types that are not necessarily on the same wavelength.”

For the survey, we polled 50 beach clubs across the globe and asked the questions that we believe are most relevant to people on the beach.

Read more: The best places to stay on a boat in 2019Read the full Beach City report:A few highlights:• Portugal has some of Europe’s best beaches, with a total of 7,919 miles of beaches, according to the latest official data.• Australia has the highest number of beaches per capita at 6,976.

That’s just over 20 times the number of people living there.• South Africa has over 7,000 beaches and only 3% of them are in the South African capital Pretoria, which makes it the only country in the developed world to have more than 5,000 beach clubs per capita.• Switzerland, the world’s most popular country for beach fun, has 5,500 beaches.

But that’s down to around 3% from the previous survey.• The United States, home to some of its most popular beaches, has 2,800 beaches, more than 20 times its population.• France, which has some more than 2,000 lakes and nearly one-third of its population is within the United States of America.• Japan, home of some of Japan’s most famous beaches, hosts almost 2,600 beaches, while Germany has about 1,600.

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