When a bachelorette meets a handsome stranger: The awkward and funny romance of the club

The romantic comedy bobs and weaves with a sense of humor that’s reminiscent of its early days in theaters.

“It’s just a great cast and a great movie,” said Amy Poehler, who plays “Babs,” the bumbling, naive blonde who falls for a handsome, laid-back, and incredibly successful (but nerdy) bachelor.

“I love the movie because it has so much charm.”

The bachelorettes, as Poehler put it, “are so smart and funny.

They’re just so smart.”

They’ve also been playing the lead in a TV show about a group of “babies” who go to college together.

It’s an experience that the show is tackling with the added help of a digital media company that is now owned by Netflix.

That’s because Netflix, which acquired the show in March for an undisclosed amount, is making a new TV show that the bachelors can explore together, with the help of Netflix’s own creators.

“Netflix is a place where you can be yourself, and we’re here to show you what that can look like,” said Rose Byrne, who also plays “The Bachelorettes” and co-creators of the show.

“We wanted to bring our own perspective and show what this world is like for the women.

We think it’s going to be a good TV show.”

In the pilot episode, which airs next month on Netflix, the bums (Byrne and Poehler) go to a summer party to meet the guys.

But they find themselves in a different world.

They meet a girl, whom they fall for.

“You just meet somebody that you fall in love with,” Byrne said.

“And then you have to go back and talk to that person again.

It can be really awkward, and it’s fun.”

The show is currently airing in more than 60 countries and has already been watched by millions.

“Babysitter Club” is set in Los Angeles, and its stars include “American Idol” cast member, “American Pie” alum, and “The Bachelor” alum (the show was previously filmed in Austin, Texas).

The two women’s story is one of many on Netflix’s latest offering, which has a total of about 50 original shows and movies, including the “Stranger Things” spinoff, which premieres this fall.

“Strangers” has been viewed by more than 2.3 million people and “Babbysitters Club” has garnered more than 1.1 million views.

“The fact that we’re all coming together and having fun is really, really important to us,” Byrne told CBS News.

“When we were young and we were having fun, we thought, ‘Why don’t we do something else?

Why not try to be something else?’

And then we realized, ‘No, no, we can do this.'”

The “Bachelor” and “Stranglers” bacheloreds, and the bobby barbie bums.

They both have big plans for their lives and their careers.

“There are lots of different ways that we can work together,” Byrne added.

“Like, let’s go to the beach together and we can have fun together.

Let’s get married and do it all in one night.

We could do that.

But, we have this one-on-one time where we get together, we talk about our life together, and that’s it.

We’re friends and we have a lot of fun together.”

In addition to Netflix, ABC is also looking into an original series based on the show, and a movie is in the works.

“A lot of people are excited about it because it’s a very different experience,” Byrne explained.

“This is a totally different type of show than ‘Stranger things.'”

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