New Apple iPhone 8 review: The best of the best

Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are available to purchase in the US and Canada starting today, and the iPhone 8 has now surpassed $1,000 in sales in its first 24 hours.

In its first week of sales, the iPhone XS Max is now the fastest-selling iPhone model in the world, according to App Annie.

The iPhone Xs and iPhone X models are still on sale in stores across the US, but it is unclear whether those sales are the same as the sales seen for the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

In total, Apple’s iPhone 8 model sold over 1.1 million units in the first 24 days of its availability in the market, AppleInsider reports.

That’s more than twice the sales of the iPhone 6s, which was released on June 25, and more than double the sales for the iPad Pro, which launched in September.

Apple’s newest iPhones are the fastest selling products in the company’s history.iPhone 8 is the fastestselling iPhone in its history, according a review published on AppleInsiders.

Apple is set to unveil its latest iPhone in two weeks time, and AppleInsist reports that the iPhone will likely be the biggest launch of the year.

AppleInsitute says that the new iPhone will be the company, “sitting on its laurels.”

The iPhone 8 is expected to be a major step forward in the mobile market, as it is the first phone to be powered by the A11 chip from Qualcomm, a chip that Apple has been touting for years as being able to provide a better battery life than the current Snapdragon 835.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, will be Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet, and will likely sell for around $1k more than the iPhone 10.

The Apple Watch series is expected in 2018, and a new version of the iPad could be released later this year.

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