How to get the best value from your Gacha Club

Gacha has come a long way since it started in the UK in the early 2000s.

But its popularity is only growing and the competition is getting tougher, according to new research from data analytics company Gartner.

It estimates that Gacha’s current market cap stands at $10.4bn, with the top five Gacha hosts making over $30m in annual revenue.

In 2018, the top 10 Gacha clubs were worth $5.9bn and the top 15 earned $10bn, the firm’s figures show.

These figures exclude the millions of Gacha players who have never played Gacha before and the tens of millions of people who have been playing Gacha for years.

In addition, Gartners says it is possible to get much better value for Gacha through the use of a dedicated Gacha server, and it estimates Gacha is worth $3bn to $5bn a year.

GartNER’s analysis of Gatorade’s top 10 earning Gacha users, which were found by tracking the activity of over 1.4m Gacha accounts from June 2018, shows that some of the biggest earners from Gacha are from the US.

Gatorades top five US Gacha earning players are: 1.

Giphy user @giphygopay2 2.

@gopayan3 3.

@thedisbeast4 4.

@mike_stewart5 5.

@sugark4 6.

@lizzie_maddison7 7.

@dave_santana8 8.

@frenchnostrados9 9.

@james_bruh10 Giphas top five UK Gacha earners are: 10.

@pkpwelz11 11.

@kenneth_mackon11 12.

@brad_mick_12 13.

@shaun_mcdougall13 14.

@yousab_taylor14 15.

@tom_crampton15 16.

@brian_jones16 17.

@cindy_watson18 Giphys top 10 UK Gatchas top five players are as follows: 1) @thesunrise18 2) @thecute_gacha_guitar 3) @myth_gashas_gorge 4) @matthew_frazier5 5) @jim_sackett6 6) @gaz_matt_12 7) @sally_coulter7 8) @liz_peter_davis9 9) @chris_hutchins10 10) @yoursubjean11

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