How to get in shape at a gym with the help of a video guide

DURHAM, N.C. — It’s no secret that fitness enthusiasts like me can’t always be on the road when we’re traveling.

But for those who are not traveling, there’s a solution: video.

It’s a simple concept that’s been around for a while now.

But the newest edition of the American Council on Exercise’s “How to Lose Weight and Get Fit in 15 Minutes a Day” series goes even further, focusing on the concept of “getting in shape” in just 15 minutes a day.

In an interview with ABC News, ACEE president and CEO David Katz explains how to make your day more enjoyable, including the importance of getting in shape.

“This video series is aimed at people who are looking for more of a challenge but also are interested in a fun, non-repetitive approach to exercising,” Katz said.

“The key is to make the workout enjoyable and motivating while still being practical.”

The program is simple: take a 30-minute walk.

And then take 15 minutes to eat your lunch, work out, and watch a movie.

“That’s all it takes,” Katz says.

“Then you take the 15 minutes and sit down at your computer and play games.”

The 15-minute walking walk is a great way to get started, Katz says, but don’t get too lazy.

“This is not a walking exercise program, it’s a workout program,” he says.

So, instead of trying to “get in shape,” Katz suggests that you start with a walk, then walk again.

“After a few weeks, you’ll be able to do the 15- minute walk a couple times a day,” Katz explains.

You can also do your best to keep yourself in shape throughout the day, Katz adds.

“It’s the time to get into the habit of walking.”

The next step is to do a daily video workout, which means taking 10 minutes to watch a workout video and 10 minutes for an actual exercise.

“A good workout should involve the same number of steps you’re doing in a day, so it will be easy for you to get to the same intensity level,” Katz advises.

After you’ve got a good workout in mind, Katz recommends doing some stretching.

“Warm up your arms and chest,” Katz adds, “then hold your breath and do five to 10 seconds of standing pushups,” a pushup that involves placing both hands on your chest.

After that, he suggests you do a 15- to 30-second situp and 10- to 15-second squat.

“After a while, you should feel comfortable standing up again, and you should have a good sense of balance,” Katz states.

“That should be your goal.”

And, he adds, the next step would be to “go for a jog and a walk.”

“If you have the time and inclination, you can do the walking workout for a few minutes a few times a week,” Katz tells ABC News.

“If not, do a 20-minute jog or 10-minute run.”

And the last step?

Katz says that it’s all about staying focused on the goal, not the time.

“You should feel confident and happy that you are achieving your goal, that you’re working toward something,” Katz concludes.

“So just keep doing the workout and the exercise and the walk, and it’ll come naturally.”

To learn more about the ACEE’s How to Lose Body Weight and Lose Fat program, visit its website.

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