How to build a personalized ring for Sam’s Club Jewelry member

In December, Sam’s club jewelers sent a message to their customers: “It’s been an honor to serve you.”

They asked them to share their ring designs with the company.

“It was a beautiful design,” said Sam’s senior vice president, Amy Shaughnessy.

She said the company had been looking for designs for years and had been working with a small group of designers.

“We really wanted to find a design that was unique to us and that people would be proud to wear,” she said.

So Sam’s came up with a special edition ring that included a personalized design on one side.

They also added a little something extra.

The custom design was an oval and was engraved with a Sam’s crest.

The other side included a Sams logo on the center.

“That was just the idea of giving people an opportunity to really enjoy the design,” she explained.

“When people put it on they feel like they’re wearing it, and it’s a little bit more unique than a regular ring.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

“People said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my ring,'” Shaughnes said.

Sam’s started receiving requests from people who wanted to order the custom design on the custom side, but weren’t sure what to do.

“I’ve heard from people, and I was like, ‘It’s pretty amazing.

It’s not really a Sammys ring,'” she said, adding that the custom-made ring was already on sale when she started working on it.

“You’ve got to take it to the next level.

We were like, that is so cool.”

So she started creating her own designs, one for each member of Sam’s, with the goal of having a design to be worn in every location.

“This is really a unique opportunity,” she continued.

“What we were hoping was that people, we would have something that they were going to wear at every location, so that they could say, ‘Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know about Sammys rings.'”

The company is now able to get customers to order custom rings for Sammys Club members anywhere in the world.

“If people were going around saying, ‘I’m a Sammy, I’m a member of S-Club,’ they’d be in for a real surprise,” Shaughnessesy said.

“They were surprised at how well-received the design was.”

She said that a Samy design was also popular at the 2016 World Golf Championships.

“There were over 40 designs,” she laughed.

“The only problem was, I could not have one in the house.

So it was like we were like we’d been to the wrong place.”

The custom designs were also seen as a way for customers to help the company’s marketing efforts.

“Our customers really enjoy being involved in the business,” she added.

“Whether it’s at the store or on social media or online, they love being a part of this.”

She’s been doing a lot of research into what makes Sammys customers tick.

“Some of the questions that we’re hearing from our customers is, ‘Why do you make a Samys ring, Sammys?’ and ‘What’s the story behind this?’,” she shared.

“So what we are trying to do is build a business around that question.”

She added that the Sammys business model is one that is unique to the company and offers a great way for people to support the business.

“One of the reasons we have such a great customer base is because we have so many of them that don’t even know what Sammys is,” she stressed.

“And we’re really focused on creating a great product for everyone.”

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