How Cannibal Club was born, then died, and who will take over the reins of the franchise?

Cannibal club is a term used to describe the club that formed in 1994.

It was created by two Toronto men, Kevin McLeod and Scott Campbell, who had recently joined a local hockey club, the Brampton Knights, and were looking to create a brand new franchise in Brampton, Ontario.

McLeod had the idea for a franchise based on his favourite club, and his vision of creating a team to play the game he loved was realised by Campbell. 

McLeod is now the president of and Campbell is a director at the club. 

“We started off as a little joke,” said Campbell.

“It was just a few guys who had some fun.” 

The two men decided to create the club by combining a number of concepts, including the idea of a team that would play hockey on a rink, and a club crest.

The crest was a simple graphic depicting the names of the players on the team, as well as a number.

They created the logo for the club, which included the words “Cannibal Club”. 

McLaren and Campbell also created the team crest for the Bramalea Kings of the Ontario Hockey League, which is still in use today.

“The logo was designed as a simple, easy to read logo that would appeal to a wide range of people,” said McLeod.

“The logo that we created was designed for the general public, but was specifically designed to be the logo of a hockey club in Bramaleas.”

McLeod and Campbell have continued to create logos for other professional teams over the years.

The Bramaleans name has been used on their official team crest since 2002.

The club has been associated with the Bramley community for years. 

The Bramalees name has also been used as a logo for a variety of other professional sports teams.

The team has played at the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Air Canada Centre since 1996, and the Bramlea Kings have played at BMO Field since 2002, when the team moved to the Toronto suburb of Vaughan. 

A few other professional clubs have used the team’s name.

In 2011, the Montreal Canadiens named their new team, the P.E.I. IceMen, after the Bramleys home ice rink, the Ice House.

In 2014, the St. Louis Blues named their team, The Ice Dogs.

The team’s history also dates back to the 1970s, when McLeod started a local skating club in the area called The Hockey Club.

“At that time, I was working for a Toronto company called Canadian Tire,” said the now 78-year-old Campbell.

McLane and Campbell founded the Bramhamton Knights in 1995 and soon started taking on other clubs in the region, including Brampton Steelheads, Brampton Blues and Brampton Wild Wings.

“We were really lucky to have a lot of people who were willing to help us out,” said McLane. 

Cannibals started playing in the United States and Canada around the time of the 1979-80 season, when they started playing for the Toronto Marlboros.

They became known as the “NHL’s Cannibals” for their hockey-playing style, which involved slashing and the use of vicious, long-distance forechecker shots.

“We had a lot more success in the States than we did in Canada,” said McMahon.

McLeod said that the popularity of the team continued to grow, and he remembers one night in 1985, when his team played the Vancouver Canucks at the Air Canada Center.

“I remember we were playing the Canucks and a puck went over the boards,” said McGuire.

“I was in the stands, and I looked down at my jersey and saw a little girl, who was wearing my jersey, with a little smile on her face.

I knew it was a girl who was the Cannibalee.”

McLain said the team eventually won two Stanley Cups with the team he and Campbell formed, winning the 1979 Stanley Cup and the 1980 Stanley Cup, the latter being won by the Maple Leafs in 1981.

McDonald, the team captain, was also a key figure in the club’s success.

“When we started the team in the mid-1980s, we were just starting to really develop our identity,” said McDonald.

“That’s when I knew we were going to win a Stanley Cup.

When we did, I got a lot out of the organization.”

McDonald and Campbell’s son, Michael, now the CEO of the Bramblea Kings, said that their goal is to create an organization that is in line with the vision of McLeod, and that the franchise will continue to represent the region.

“Our goal is always to be in the best shape we can be in for our players, and to be able to support them and the team,” said MacDonald.

McConnell said that it

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