‘Gotham City’ returns to The City

“We have a good chance,” said Guntur Kondapalli, the owner of The City, in a phone interview.

“It’s a great city to live in.”

Kondapsalli, who lives in the West End of Delhi, has been running The City since it was founded in 2002.

The new hotel is being built on the site of the old West End Club Hotel, which has been converted into a modern day nightclub, bar and club since 2011.

The club’s old location has since been transformed into a private residence and Kondals plans to build a hotel and a restaurant on the premises.

Kondans family is one of the owners of the club, which was a joint venture between the Gunturs, the Gududas and the Laxmiks.

The Guntus, who also run The Garden, had an ownership stake in the club and the former club’s lease agreement expired in the early 90s.

In the early days of The Garden and The City before the Gugtudas’ purchase, the club was known as the Gurgaon Club and it hosted events at the Ghatkopar Railway Station, which now serves as the new location for the new hotel.

“The Gugta family is still in business,” said Kondats.

The Club also held events at New Delhi’s Gurgaot, which is now a tourist destination.

“They are the people who have made the Gurgans and the Gutums a reality,” said Laxmik.

Kondapsalis sister, Nirmala Konda, who runs a catering business, is also part of the Greeting Committee of The Gugts and has been managing the club for the last decade.

She said she is happy that the Gogurtis and their associates will now own the club.

“I think the club is in a great place, it’s been a very difficult couple of years, we have gone through a lot, we are in a bit of shock,” said Nirmal.

“I think we have the potential to make this club successful.”

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