Good Sam Club, Denton, Texas, Gacha Club, Dallas, Dress Code, DressCode, D.C.

Good Sam Clubs, Daxmont, Texas are among the outfits and clubs in the nation that are being forced to wear new clothing codes that prohibit certain items from being worn.

Gladys, a Dallas-based Gacha club outfit, announced it was being forced by Good Sam to remove its shirts and skirt, after the local Dallas-area club voted to change its dress code from a “good to good” to a “dress code.”

The change comes in response to a vote on April 19 by the club’s board of directors to change the dress code to “good sam.”

The change was meant to encourage people to wear their own clothes and wear the same items as the general public, but it has led to a backlash from some members of the club.

Gatherings of Good Sam clubs are scheduled to be held in several cities in Texas over the next few weeks, including Dallas, Houston, and El Paso.

In addition to the dress codes, clubs in Texas are also being asked to enforce new policies and rules about their own staff and members.

Good Sam Clubs of Denton posted on Facebook that the dress policy “is no longer in place.”

“It’s been a huge undertaking and we know the hard work we’ve put into it,” the club posted.

“We’ll do our best to keep you informed and to make sure we’re meeting our new policies.”

In the meantime, the club is asking members to wear pants and skirts, which will be mandatory in all events at the club, until the new policy is implemented.

Daxmont’s Good Sam club also announced that it will be removing its skirts, shorts, and shirts from April 22 to coincide with the dress-code change.

Dazmont is one of the states that is trying to become a “sanctuary city,” or a place where only police and other law enforcement agencies can enter.

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