‘Dramatic’ wine club for techies: Venture Capital investor

Huddersfield-born startup Diamanda, which lets people create and share video games with other members of their social network, has raised a whopping $5.8 million (£3.6 million) in Series A funding from Google Ventures.

The venture capital fund is also one of the top investors in other tech startups. 

The startup has already launched its own games, including a VR game called “The Warzone”. “

It is a huge step forward for Diamandi and we’re thrilled to have Google as a major investor.” 

The startup has already launched its own games, including a VR game called “The Warzone”. 

Dana Pardo, founder of the game makers Dia.io and creator of the ‘Pizza Warzone’, said the company had a great time with Google’s support. 

She added: I’m really excited about our ability to leverage the resources of Google to bring Diamania to life. 

Pardo added: “We were able to build a team with Google and their investment and to have the kind of community we have today, I feel like this is a game changer for the world of VR.” 

It is not yet clear if Diamanas games will ever be made available outside of its initial platform, or if the company will release them through the Play Store.

Diamantas game is free to play, and users are encouraged to leave feedback on its forums, where users can post their own videos. 

‘Pizza warzone’ has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, and the developers say that the game’s popularity has grown by 50% in less than two months. 

There is still a long way to go for Diasa, but Vetter said the company’s ambition is to have its first full-fledged game available to all users by Christmas. 

He added:”The Pizza Warzone is a fantastic game and has been a great success for us.

We have so much fun creating it and we really hope to continue to grow it as well. 

The Pizza Wars are a unique way for Dia.to connect with gamers worldwide, and I look forward to the continued growth of Diama in the years to come.” 

‘Diamanda will make the world a better place’ Diasa will help create a new social gaming community, Vetter added, but he also said Diasanas focus will be on games with social elements, such as poker, which he said has “been a big part of the gaming scene”. 

He said: Diosa will allow gamers to share their lives through their favorite games, and they will be able to share more personal content with friends as well as with others. 

Vetter said Diamanta would also help developers develop games that were designed to help people achieve a “better life”, such as building a robot or having a conversation with a friend. 

What do you think of Diasandas new platform?

Leave your comments below.

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