Club closes its doors for the night, but the strippers stay open

The strip club Caerula Mar Club has closed its doors.

The venue was shuttered on Tuesday night.

The club’s manager said it had not received any formal notices from the city council.

But the club’s owner, Mr Arocha, said that because it had been closed for over a week he did not have time to notify the authorities.

“This club is closed for several weeks now,” Mr Aromac said.

“I do not have the time or the inclination to inform the authorities and we hope to be able to reopen as soon as possible.”

Caerulas closing The venue had been in business since 2011 and had recently been sold to the Spanish company Aroca for $7m (£4.2m).

The club had recently celebrated its centenary with the launch of a new line of lingerie and women’s lingerie.

A club spokesman said the club was closed to the public on Wednesday evening due to “health and safety reasons”.

Caeruleas owners Mr Aruca and Mr Alves said they were shocked by the closure of the club.

“The club has always been a destination for strippers from the area and we are very sad to have to close it,” Mr Alve said.

Caerias owners say they did not get a formal notice from the council, but Mr A Roca said they had not heard from them either. “

We will reopen in the future if the authorities have given us any information.”

Caerias owners say they did not get a formal notice from the council, but Mr A Roca said they had not heard from them either.

He said: ‘We do not want to be shut down’ Mr A roca said that the club would remain open to customers, staff and the dancers.

The spokesman said he had not been able to contact the city authorities to find out what was going on.

“Our club is a very popular destination for women and we don’t want to lose our customers,” he said.

Caerules closing ‘very sad’ for the club staff, the club owner says ‘We have to make our own decisions’ ‘We don’t know why we are closed’ ‘There will be more to come’ The club has been a fixture in the neighbourhood for about 20 years.

Its owner said he would not have closed the club had he known what was happening.

“If we had known this is what was coming we would have stopped booking in the first place,” Mr Rave told Al Jazeera.

“There are a lot of people in the community that have been there for a long time and we know that it has become very popular.”

This is a huge loss for the area.

“Mr Raving added that he had been receiving messages from people who had come to Caeruana Mar for a few nights, but would not be able come back.

He added: “There will always be people in Caerulas who want to come here.”

The club is not a big tourist attraction and it is also a family establishment, but people from other parts of the city come and stay here.

We have to do our own thing.”

Caers closing: ‘This is our community’ The city’s tourism department said it was not yet aware of the closure.

“In this case we are working closely with Caeruas owners and local authorities to understand the reasons behind the closure,” a spokesperson for the city told Alijo.

Caeriaz closure: ‘People are not welcome here’ “We don.

We want to welcome everybody to our community,” Mr Raave said.

He told Aljos that the closure had not affected the strip club’s regular customers, and that he would continue to book women’s and lingerie services there.

He also said that he expected the club, which is a joint venture between the Caerola family and the Caero family, to reopen in a few weeks.

“People are welcome here and we will try to reopen,” Mr Jave said, adding that the Caeriagas would be happy to reopen and offer its services.

Caers owner says strip club will reopen, but not as it was before Caerulias closing Caeruzas owners said they have received a formal letter from the government, which will inform them of any plans to reopen the club or continue to operate it as usual.

But Caeraz said it did not want “to cause further problems”.

“We have not received a letter from city government and we do not understand why,” Caerza said.

The spokesperson said that Caerca had not told Caeras the reason for its closure, and it was up to the authorities to do so.

“At the moment we are just going about our business as usual,” Caera said.

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