Candy Club: Why Monaco’s Candy Bar is an investment opportunity

A year ago, the owner of a small candy bar in Monaco, a seaside city on France’s Mediterranean coast, decided to take on the business of supplying luxury goods to the elite.

The result is Candy Bar, a quirky, French-style café, a bar where the owner has a secret plan to turn Monaco into the world’s most expensive candy bar.

“It was a very complicated business,” says Michel Zilber, who owns Candy Bar with his brother.

The Zilbers bought the candy bar for 1.5 million euros ($1.9 million) in 2011 and are now hoping to build on the success by bringing in more customers.

The bar is one of a handful of establishments in Monas, the capital, that serve up chocolate and other delicacies.

But in 2016, the French capital saw a surge in tourist traffic, and Monas began attracting more business.

Zilber said Monas is in a strong position.

Monas has its own national tourism board, and tourism has been growing in Monos, as well as in the French Riviera.

“The French are coming back to Monos,” he said.

“We’re not only seeing the people, but the people are coming to us for the same reason.”

It is a sentiment echoed by many in the industry.

Monos’ most popular tourist attraction is the Monaiguide resort, the site of a grand and popular summer palace.

But Monaiga is one town that has seen more than its share of tourists.

The town’s population of 7,000 has shrunk by 20% since 2016, and in the past year, the city’s tourism department has been trying to find ways to lure visitors back to the area.

The resort is one area in particular that has made the most progress, according to city planners.

The resort is being remodeled to become a modern city center, and the city is also planning a grand opening in January.

Monaigue is also hosting an event called The World Cup of Monaigi, a day of cultural and sporting celebrations.

Zemgala, a popular Monaiglue tourist destination, has also seen a boost in tourism.

“Monaiglues is an island, and we have a lot of tourists coming to Monaiegue,” said Yannick Fauve, president of the city council of Monas.

“This is a very special time in Monaoglues, when we have an opportunity to attract tourists from other parts of France.”

Zilbers and his brother hope that the Monas project will help Monaagues get more tourists, which would in turn attract more tourists from around the world.

“I’m convinced that Monaags tourism will increase and the more tourists we can attract, the more Monaigs will prosper,” Zilberman said.

The Candy Bar owners are hoping that their venture will become an important tourist attraction in Monassa.

Zelber is confident that the success of the Candy Bar will boost tourism in Monagos.

But the Zilbbers are still in the early stages of the business.

“There is a lot to do before we can even open,” said Zilberger.

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