Allstate motor clubs, club owners say the government has not been transparent

Allstate Motor Club owner Steve McLeod said the government was “still trying to bury this story” after his club received an email from the Department for Communities and Local Government saying it had been told it had to provide information.

“It’s like the government is not listening to the people, they’re trying to hide behind their ‘we are trying to be transparent’ excuse,” Mr McLeod told The Sunday Times.

“There’s been no transparency.

They have not even said what they are going to do.”

Mr McLean said the club was “shocked” by the email, saying it would have been “extremely hard” for the company to find out the government’s position before the email was sent.

“We have never received anything in writing from the government,” Mr McMillon said.

“They are hiding behind the ‘we have no idea’ excuse.”

He said the “incredibly disappointing” news came after the Government had previously said it was “committed” to investigating the claims.

The email was first reported by the Guardian.

“We are a local business that employs around 60 people and it’s time for them to start listening to us and listen to us,” Mr McClean said.

Mr Mclean said the business was “not surprised” at the email but said it remained “open minded”.

“If the Government is listening, we are going back to the drawing board.”

Allstate said it would be “open to dialogue with anyone concerned about this matter” and that it would “be investigating this matter fully”.

It said it did not support the Government’s “bully tactics” to silence local businesses.

“This type of attack on local businesses is unacceptable,” Allstate said.

It also called on the Government to “review all of its funding arrangements with the Department of Communities and Communities, including the fact that they have been used for political purposes”.

The government has faced criticism for its response to the claims of discrimination and alleged breaches of human rights.

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